Visionary Leaders Needed

No other nonprofit in Dallas is doing the work we are doing: bringing Christ's unconditional love and acceptance.directly to the owners, managers, and women of Dallas' erotic massage parlors. Amazing things are happening in the 19 parlors we visit each month. Slowly, women are being brought out of isolation. They are being visited by people who care so much about them. They are hearing the truth about themselves: they are smart. Their hearts are beautiful. They have tremendous potential. They are not despised. They are loved more than they may have ever realized. Our work is desperately needed. It is not, however, easy. Far from it! For every step we take forward, we often take five steps ba

Go with what little faith you have

Since deciding to take our message of unconditional love and acceptance to the owners of Dallas’ erotic massage parlors, I admit I have struggled. A lot! I am human. I do not have incredible faith – far from it, in fact. I have agonized these past few weeks over our goals for this new program. When you have a nonprofit, you must have goals. You must know exactly what you want to accomplish, how you are going to do it, and how you will know success when you see it. It’s how you justify funding and all that good stuff. That’s not unreasonable, of course. It makes a lot of sense. But what do you do when what you’re setting out to do is rare? What do you do when your program is perhaps even cont

Unconditional Love for Everyone

The Flashlight Project’s message is of unconditional love and acceptance that comes from Christ. We bring that message to nineteen parlors in Dallas. For over a year, we’ve been ringing doorbells and loving the women who speak to us. We have prayed for some, cried with others, and laughed with a few. It is true that we are sometimes rejected. The managers of the parlors can change suddenly, and we start all over again. At other places, we are fortunate to see the same women every time, and so our relationships with them are stronger. Overall, we have been successful and have learned so much. But even though our outreach program has been going well, I have had the nagging feeling for the past

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