Melt the Ice

I see the parlors as being similar to blocks of ice. Years of isolation have hardened that ice, and it can seem impenetrable. Yet is it really? Are the parlors really untouchable? Or does it seem that way only because we, the Christian community in general, have abandoned the people inside them? And if it is true that we have, what does reaching out to them mean and look like? I looked at Luke 15 this morning. People were grumbling because Jesus went to the tax collectors and the sinners. Humans don’t seem to change much no matter how the technology we invent. For whatever reason, we like to erect lines and classifications, being sure to place “us” in one category and “them” in another, and

Letting go of hate makes all the difference

2018 is nearly done, and I guess it’s only natural to feel more introspective these days. I’ve been thinking about the word “hate”. It’s a strong word, one that evokes strong emotions that can consume your heart and mind. It has consumed me in the past, and I think I am finally being released from it. I used to hate the bar owners and managers in the sex industry. When I did outreach in the Philippines’ sex tourist bars, I hated the managers and the owners. When I went on prayer walks in red-light districts in South Korea, I hated the managers and owners there, too. I divided them from the women working in the bars, making a clear line between who I cared about and who I didn’t. I was even c

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