Revolutionary Love

Courage for today can be found in the past. A year or so ago, I read John Lewis’ book, Walking with the Wind. Lewis, of course, is a civil rights giant, and his book about the fight to bring justice to African Americans in the 1950s and 60s is riveting. I personally found it to be one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. It’s impossible to read it without wanting to use your own life to better the lives of others. In his book, Lewis describes the training he and other activists underwent before they started the sit-ins at lunch counters in Tennessee and before they went on the Freedom Rides. Volunteers were understandably nervous about advocating for their civil rights when surrounde

It can be done

Everyone has heard that rules are made to be broken. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not. Rules are often created for a valid reason, so I personally think that before you break them, you should examine your motives and go from there. However, I do believe that assumptions should be tested and shattered. The erotic massage parlors of Dallas have largely been ignored by well-meaning people for years. They are considered off-limits by nonprofits and other groups. I don’t consider myself to be a naïve person. I have a good idea of what happens inside these places, as do other people. I can understand the perspective of people who think the parlors are too difficult to go to. They are diff

Step Into the Unknown and Find Fulfillment

Are there any problems in the world that don’t have solutions? I have always believed that answer is no. My conviction has always been that for every problem I run across, there is a solution if I look hard enough and don’t give up. Realistically, of course, there are many problems that any one person is not capable of solving. Finding a cure to cancer will require the collaboration of the finest scientific minds. Stopping global warming will take the collective commitment of humanity. Some issues are not meant to be tackled alone. The problem that The Flashlight Project works to solve is no different. It will take the collaboration of many people. The Dallas area has approximately 120 eroti

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