What are your outreach goals?

We build relationships with and earn the respect of women working inside the parlor.  This is a process, and timing varies depending on each parlor.  Once this is accomplished, we work to strengthen those relationships, increase the self-esteem of the women by giving them affirmations, and show them Jesus Christ's unconditional love and respect.

Are men able to go into parlors with you?

No.  Due the nature of the businesses we enter, we are unable to take men inside with us.  However, we are working to include male volunteers in our program. We foresee men being able to provide security for us by waiting for us in the parking lot, monitoring our progress, and helping us carry gifts.

May I be part of the outreach team?

Yes. If you are a woman and are at least 18, you may join us. If you have a heart for all women working inside Dallas' erotic massage parlors and want to show them Christ's unconditional love and respect, you are welcome to join us. For more information, please email us at info@theflashlightproject.org.

Do you encounter human trafficking?

Human trafficking is in some of Dallas' erotic massage parlors.  Accordingly, we are very careful when doing outreach, and the safety of our team always comes first.  If a situation doesn't feel right or if we encounter resistance from the parlor, we immediately leave.  No exceptions.

How do you measure success?

When we are allowed to deliver affirmations in Korean and English and gifts to the parlors, we celebrate. When we are remembered by the manager from previous visits and have a few minutes to talk to her, we are successful. When we are able to change how a woman sees herself and increase her self-esteem, we have really succeeded.

Why do you focus on foreigners working in Dallas' sex industry?

The Flashlight Project's founder lived abroad and also helped women in the sex industry in the Philippines and South Korea.  She has a heart for these special women working in Dallas' erotic massage parlors.  She also believes they are often overlooked by society in general.


However, if we encounter Americans working in the parlors, we of course reach out to them also. 


How can I donate to The Flashlight Project?

You are able to donate online here or mail a check to:

The Flashlight Project

1400 Preston Road

Plano, Texas 75093

Thank you for your generosity.

Can I donate monthly?

Yes.  When you make your donation, you will be given the opportunity to donate on a monthly basis.  This is a great blessing for us because it helps us plan funding for our programs more accurately.  Thank you.

Are you a 501c3 nonprofit?

Yes, The Flashlight Project is a 501c3 nonprofit, recognized by the IRS.  Our EIN is 81-2376928.  Your donations are tax deductible as allowed by the law.

Are there credit card fees associated with online donations?

Yes. A small part of your donation goes to fees. There is a $.30 transaction fee.  Also, for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, the credit card fee is 3%.  For AMEX, the fee is 4.1%.


Roughly, if you donate $50, we actually receive $48.20. Our donation page allows you to cover the credit card fees if you want to ensure we receive 100% of your intended gift.  Thank you.

What are your program vs. overhead expenses?

At this time, The Flashlight Project is a volunteer-run organization.  Our overhead expenses are very low because of this, freeing us to direct a higher percentage of donations towards our outreach program.

Are material donations tax deductible?

Yes, they are.  When you donate materials to us, you will receive a receipt for your tax purposes.  It is your responsibility to place and declare the value on your tax return.  We are always appreciative of these gifts to us. For a list of things we need, see here


What is your privacy policy?

We value your privacy.  You may read our nonprofit's policy here.