Today's youth are tomorrow's abolitionists. They are full of idealism and determination to change our world for the better.  If you are a teacher or youth leader, check back on November 14 for printable materials you may use in your classroom.  The materials will help you explain and teach your students about the reality of human trafficking in our world today.


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Volunteers are crucial in the fight against sex trafficking.  As we start our nonprofit, we need volunteers with experience in:


  • human resources

  • accounting

  • marketing

  • development/fundraising

  • law

  • web design


Some work can be done on an advisory basis; other work will be more hands on.


For more information in how to help, please send your resume and letter of interest to:


Many people care deeply about stopping modern day slavery.  They want to know: What is it like to fight against sex trafficking?  Why is it so hard to rescue victims?  What can I do to stop it?


This January, February and March, The Flashlight Project's founder will take you inside the world of commercial sex exploitation.  Learn the answers to these questions and others. Be prepared with your own questions and ideas, as we discuss ways to stop the greatest human rights violation of our time: human trafficking.


Slavery is here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Working together, we can stop it.


For more information, please contact us at:

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