The Flashlight Project brings the unconditional love of Christ to women inside Dallas' erotic massage parlors. Our clients often struggle with low self-esteem, alcoholism, drug addictions, anger management, and loneliness. 

Our goal is to positively influence how the women see themselves and each other
and to break the negative mindset many have about themselves.


We are working to be the first nonprofit to tell the parlor owners, managers, and younger women
that they are loved exactly as they are and that they are not alone or forgotten.


As The Flashlight Project counters the negative messages the women have often heard about themselves and is the voice of positivity, the women's self-esteem will be strengthened,
and they will understand how special they really are.


It is impossible to overstate how life changing it is when this happens.

To bring positivity into the parlors, we focus on the parlor owners, the managers, and the younger women.

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The Owners of the Parlors

With each visit, we bring a separate gift for the parlor's owner. We include Bible verses that focus on God's unconditional love for her as well as affirmations for meditation. We also include a letter explaining what The Flashlight Project is and an invitation to meet her in the lobby of the parlor so that we can answer any questions she may have.

The Managers of the Parlors

The women we call the managers answer the door. In addition to bringing them gifts and affirmations, we spend time talking to them. We try to get to know the managers and form relationships with them. At all times, we convey that we 100% accept them as they are. We ask them about their needs and pray with them.

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The Younger Women in the Parlors

Because the women tend to move often to a new parlor, we include affirmations and Bible verses that are laminated and smaller and can easily be taken from place to place. We also include activities the women can do to pass the time, such as adult coloring books and crayons and bracelet kits.


These are examples of the affirmations we give to the women. Because many women we have spoken to speak Korean, we include a translation of the affirmation.

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