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Workshops that train volunteers to reach out to the owners
and managers of Dallas' erotic massage parlors

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The Flashlight Project is very different from other organizations. We work to improve the self-esteem of every woman in the parlors we visit, including the owners, the managers, and the younger women. 

On our visits, we sometimes meet people who facilitate human trafficking and prostitution. While these are very emotional issues, the reality is that Christ calls us to unconditionally love every person we meet and not to judge them.

In fact, our outreach team has been successful in forming relationships with some of the women we meet because when we speak to them, they sense no hostility or judgment from us. 

How can any of us do that? This workshop explores answers to this question.

Our inspiration comes from the great men and women of the Civil Rights Movement. For example, John Lewis attended nonviolence workshops in Nashville before joining the sit-ins at lunch counters. He learned to have peace in his heart for everyone no matter who he encountered.

While The Flashlight Project's mission and the people we meet are different, we believe our fundamental goal is similar: to show unconditional love and acceptance to everyone.

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Revolutionary Love: Workshop Goals

Understand The Flashlight Project's mission and the work of the outreach team

Discuss Bible verses that direct us to go to people often ignored by our society

Discuss what it means to love someone unconditionally

Discuss any concerns volunteers might have and how they can be overcome


Upcoming Workshop Dates (Via Zoom):

January 13

February 2

March 9

April 13

All workshops are from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

For more information, please contact us at

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