A Growing Impact

Saturday, we had the day that I, for one, really needed.

So far as I know, we are the only nonprofit ministering to women working in Dallas' erotic massage parlors. We are breaking new ground every time we go on outreach. Lately, I must admit to fatigue.

I woke up this morning and flat-out told God that I needed something big to happen this morning. I just needed something to happen that would prove that there was a point to what we are doing. I needed some result. I needed some sort of confirmation that our visits are accomplishing something and that it isn't all just some sort of big, black hole.

He answered.

Women are remembering us and responding to us. One woman we like in particular asked us if we teach English. I do. She wanted to know where our office is. That is an opportunity that may be on the verge of opening up. Several asked us the name of the church we attend. From the way they asked us the question and other things they said, we're under the impression that they are impressed by what we're doing - and conversely, that they are not used to feeling so welcomed by the Christian community.

While all of that is big, I was most encouraged by the realization that they are talking about us after we leave. A woman who seems to have very bad self-esteem made a comment indicating she's been discussing us with other women. This greatly lifted my spirits, more than I can possibly convey.

And on top of all of that, we delivered the first of our affirmation mini-posters. We have been brainstorming ways to increase our influence at the parlors even when we're not there. The message we delivered this morning will remind these beautiful women that they are uniquely created to do wonderful things in life.

The way forward for us is not easy. It takes more faith that I personally have some days. But God is with us every step of the way, and when I needed encouragement the most, He stepped in and showed me that yes, it has all been for a reason. We are having an impact in Dallas' erotic massage parlors.

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