Visionary Leaders Needed

No other nonprofit in Dallas is doing the work we are doing: bringing Christ's unconditional love and acceptance.directly to the owners, managers, and women of Dallas' erotic massage parlors.

Amazing things are happening in the 19 parlors we visit each month. Slowly, women are being brought out of isolation. They are being visited by people who care so much about them. They are hearing the truth about themselves: they are smart. Their hearts are beautiful. They have tremendous potential. They are not despised. They are loved more than they may have ever realized.

Our work is desperately needed. It is not, however, easy. Far from it! For every step we take forward, we often take five steps back. When what you are doing is a little revolutionary, you often encounter some very big obstacles. Still, we have persevered, and as a result, our outreach team has grown enough and learned enough that we are ready to implement our new program for the owners in December.

Our programs are running. Now we need you to be on our board of directors.

The Flashlight Project received its nonprofit status in December 2016. The reality is that we are building who we are. If you would like to help us build, we need you. If you would like to strengthen a nonprofit that is doing what no other nonprofit has ever done in these parlors, we need you. We need you to back up our outreach team by giving your time, passion, perspective, connections, and expertise.

Who do we need on our board of directors? People who are: - visionary - patient - tenacious - passionate about Christ's example of judging no one and of going directly to those our society often ostracizes

If you are ready to build The Flashlight Project into what it's on track to being - a nonprofit that brings Christ's message to people who are isolated, lonely, and forgotten - please consider being part of our board of directors. You will be joining a mission like no other.

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