Be the reason a woman's life changes

I think all of us at one time or another have lived in a vacuum. They are dangerous places to be. A bad event happens in our lives - perhaps a mistake that we make or just something random that happens to us. Whatever it is, we get so consumed by it that we can’t stop obsessing about it. The only voice we hear is that of our own thoughts, and the more we focus on the negativity, the worse we feel about ourselves and the more hopeless we feel about our situation.

Does any of this ring true for you?

I got laid off from work and can’t find a job. (It’s hopeless. I don’t have any skills.)

I caused a car accident. (I was so stupid for not paying attention.)

I have credit card debt. (I am an irresponsible person for not budgeting more wisely.)

My spouse filed for divorce. (I am a terrible person and not worth being married to.)

I don’t have many friends. (I am not worth knowing.)

The danger here is that without friends to give you a different perspective, those negative thoughts can cascade, and your mind can become an echo chamber. The negative thoughts keep going and going, and they can lead to poor self-esteem, inhibited potential, or even suicide – unless a friend can step in, cut off that negative thought, and offer a different perspective, one that affirms who you are instead of cutting you down.

We all know the relief we feel when that happens. I know that I have. A positive idea that breaks that destructive vacuum can mean the difference between a life filled with depression and unfulfilled potential and one that is full of joy, achievements, and peace.

Dallas’ erotic massage parlors are vacuums simply because of their isolation. Whether they are in busy shopping centers or on a lonely side road, they are isolated. Unless you are a customer, it’s very possible you don’t even know they exist.

The women who work there are even more invisible. Whatever their role in the parlor, they live each day under an onslaught of destructive lies that relentlessly attack their self-esteem.

What might the owners, managers, and younger women be hearing in this vacuum?

I am only good for one thing.

I am not special.

Society hates me.

I have no potential.

I am a terrible person.

I have no talents or abilities.

I will never do anything but this.

Nobody really knows me or loves me.

This vacuum is a real hell for them to live in. Can you imagine living in it? Can you imagine having those same thoughts echoing in your mind, day after day? Can you imagine having no friends who care enough to step in and break that negativity? No one should have to live that way.

Now imagine stepping into that vacuum. Imagine walking into the parlor’s lobby, ringing the doorbell, and smiling at whoever answers the door. Imagine being genuinely glad to see that person.

Sometimes the door will slam in your face. It might not even open. While disappointing, we know that perseverance will bring the day that the door stays open. Rome was not built in a day, and if we don’t give up, we will make headway.

And eventually, the door does stay open. That’s where real joy happens. I have seen all sorts of reactions. I have seen confusion: what on earth are these people doing here? I have seen cautiousness: they seem nice, but I’m not quite sure about them.

Best of all, I have seen women express genuine pleasure at the sight of us. I have been hugged. I have even had the chance to talk to them for a few minutes. These moments are when I know deep inside of me that what we are doing is right.

We are breaking the vacuum of negativity, and we are showing women that they are loved completely and unconditionally. It does not matter what they may have done in the past or what they may be doing now. It does not matter what their role in the parlor may be. We love all of them as they are right now. It really is as simple as that, but the results will go so much further than we can imagine.

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