Your self-esteem begins with what goes through your mind

Have you ever wondered at the difference between someone who is confident and someone who is insecure? I have. I spent most of my life extremely insecure, and I have at times marveled at the people who are so confident. Why? Why do they breeze through intimidating situations? Why do they look at themselves in the mirror and love who they see? What is that difference?

As I have learned, the answer lies in the thoughts that go through your mind. The person who is confident has positive thoughts, and the person who is insecure has negative thoughts. Your mind really is a battlefield.

In my early 40s, I was in a domestic violence relationship with an emotionally and sexually abusive sociopath. This was a real battlefield. This man gaslighted, bullied, abused, insulted, manipulated, and degraded me constantly. It was hell. Once I got out, I got into counseling, and this is where I learned that what goes through my mind determines how I see myself. If I take in positive ideas about myself and cycle them through my mind, my life’s trajectory will change.

I have also come to believe something extremely important to me: everyone, man or woman, deserves to wake up in the morning at peace with themself. Their life might not be perfect, but they deserve to like who they see in the mirror.

This includes me. I believe in my own right to look in the mirror and like who I see. I deserve to have positive thoughts flowing through my mind, pushing out the negativity and insecurity and building a new Jeannine Weaver, one who is confident and who looks at herself with compassion and pride. That will take time, perhaps a lifetime, but it is my right, and I claim it fiercely.

This right also applies to the women in Dallas’ erotic massage parlors. I often think of the owners, the managers, and the younger women in prostitution. How do they see themselves? How do they see each other? What kind of healthy mindset can you have when you are surrounded by prostitution, drug abuse, anger issues, alcoholism, violence, and low self-esteem? What kind of healthy mindset can you have when you hear that your only value is your body?

If I have the right to have positivity in my mind – and I do – then so do they.

If having positivity in my mind can transform my self-esteem so dramatically, then it can do the same for them, too.

Being the first organization to bring positivity to the women in these erotic massage parlors is incredibly important to me. No matter who they are – the owner, the manager, or the younger women – I want to put in every hand affirmations that begin to counter the negativity these women live with.

As I personally am learning each day, it really is lifechanging.

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