Bring Christ's love and respect to the parlors'

owners, managers, and younger women.


Help them break free of destructive mindsets that lead to low
self-esteem, addictions, alcoholism,
 loneliness, and anger issues.

Revolutionary Love

This is The Flashlight Project's orientation program. Volunteers

learn how to do

outreach to the parlors' owners and managers.

Prayer Walks


Volunteers go to a location near a

parlor, where they 

pray for peace and

the healing power of Christ to enter the

minds of all of the

women inside

the parlor.

Outreach Team

3-member teams visit parlors and deliver gifts, affirmations, and Bible verses. They form

relationships with the

parlors' owners and

managers. They are crucial to The Flashlight Project's goal: to instill positivity in all women

in the parlors.

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Parlor Programs

To give women the

peace and new life
that come from
positive mindset,
our parlor programs
include the following:

Founder's letter of testimony, translated
into multiple languages

Affirmations in

multiple languages
and secular)


Relationships with

and service to the

parlors' owners

Materials in multiple

languages and
designed by social workers and psychologists
to heal 
women of addictions, alcoholism, anger issues, loneliness, and low self-esteem

Why The Flashlight Project Focuses on Bringing Positivity to Each Woman in the Parlors

After The Flashlight Project's founder left domestic violence, she learned in counseling that there are essentially two types of people: those who are emotionally unhealthy and those who are emotionally healthy. There is a firm line between the two. While your personal history and situation certainly factor into which one you are, the thoughts that go through your mind play a large role as well. Here is another way to look at it:

Emotionally Unhealthy

Emotionally unhealthy people are not at peace with themselves or with others. This can manifest itself in different ways:

Low self-esteem

Domineering behavior



Anger issues





The reasons a person is emotionally unhealthy can be very complex and are different for everyone. However, as The Flashlight Project's founder has learned, anyone can cross the line to "emotionally healthy" and choose to take positive messages into their mind. Over time, this radically changes that person's life.

Emotionally Healthy

Emotionally healthy people are not perfect because no one is. However, they are at peace with themselves and with others. They look in the mirror and like who they see. An assertive woman who is at peace with herself will have positive thoughts flowing through her mind. This changes how she sees herself and other people.

As The Flashlight Project's founder has learned from personal experience, a positive mind is truly liberating.

The Owners and Managers of Dallas' Erotic Massage Parlors

The parlors are very different from other commercial sex businesses in the Dallas area. While it is relatively easy to walk into a strip club and sit down with a woman, that is not the case with a parlor. The vast majority of the time, our outreach team talks only with the parlor's manager or the owner. Rather than see this as a barrier, The Flashlight Project sees it as an enormous opportunity: with enough time and perseverance, we can dramatically change how the women see themselves and each other. It starts first with the parlors' owners.

To effect change in the parlors, we must first see the owners differently:

Mistake #1: Believing that all owners are exactly the same

They do share some commonalities, of course. However, their paths to owning a commercial sex business will vary. What exactly happens in each parlor and how it's structured could vary also. Their personal histories and their treatment of the managers and younger women will be different, too. While all owners will have similarities, they are, in the end, very complex people.

Mistake #2: Believing that no owners will ever be interested in our message

Without a doubt, we will encounter owners who have no interest in our message of positivity. When that happens, we will walk away from that parlor and move on to the next one. 

The Flashlight Project's founder believes, though, that we will find those who are interested. Consider what they are surrounded by: crime, negativity, drugs, alcoholism, greed, cynicism, violence, and other problems that no doubt wear on them each day. While some of these problems may very well be of their own making, all of this creates a negative mindset that in the end is very tiring to live with.

What we are offering is a different way to think, one that will lighten their minds and change how they see themselves and other people. It can even change how they treat the people in their parlor.

Mistake #3: Having no compassion for the owner

It is understandable why we would not have empathy for the owner. It can be hard to feel anything positive for someone who exploits women.

We should remember, though, Jesus' example. He often went to the homes of tax collectors, the very people who were most despised in Jewish society because of their corruption. Jesus teaches us that even though we disagree with what the parlors' owners are doing, we are still to reach out to them and show them unconditional love. 


Bring positivity to the parlor's owner.

Present her with a different way to think.

Show her the unconditional acceptance of Christ.

Change how she sees herself.


Her mind lightens.

She sees herself differently.

She sees others differently.

She treats the women in her parlor differently.

Additional Goals:

Have our affirmations and Bible verses flow into the parlors.

Implement programs to counter the issues emotionally unhealthy people struggle with.

Help all women in the parlors lead emotionally healthy lives.

Just because it has never been done before 

does not mean it cannot be done.

The Flashlight Project is breaking new ground and

doing what no other nonprofit has even attempted.

Join us!